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The Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) is the premier financial planning, learning and management education institution. We offer specialized financial planning services and learning consultancy.

It was established to deliver positive life- transforming experiences through training and learning services, and events that will educate as well as enable clients successfully handle all aspects of their finances, wealth-creating investments and continuous learning, both in the workplace and outside of it.

Our focus is on facilitating learning, work place leadership and managerial effectiveness.

We partner with organizations to achieve their strategic objectives, by delivering life changing workshops in collaboration with leading learning organizations in the USA.

Our competence has been strengthened by the Certificate for Personal Financial Planning course which we are presently running with Unilag Consult.

IFP is also affiliated to the International Association of Facilitators and also has an exclusive African franchise to run the Every-One-A- Leader Work place Leadership Development product of Team Tech Inc, USA.


“EAL training provides a “big picture approach” to problem solving by incorporating the thinking tools necessary to make organizational change that is intentional and not reactionary....By taking your natural work team to this training, your team’s dynamics are enhanced as everyone learns to “think things through together. The training also incorporates the need for individual responsibility in managing cultural change.” - Barb Grinter, Olathe Area Office

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