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The current economic meltdown has negatively impacted the wealth of many individuals, families and corporate organization. The need for building enduring wealth capable of weathering economic storms and crisis has never been greater than it is now.
Programme Objectives
The Certified Wealth Advisor programme provides investment professionals and private banking specialists with advanced theoretical concepts and practical know-how to give expert advice for building lasting wealth to their clients.
Drawing from game theory, practical examples, cases, simulation exercises and rigorous analysis, participants master bedrock principles, rules, technical expertise and strategies for establishing clear priorities for growing and monitoring their clients’ wealth.
The learning is immediately applicable to real life situations and also broad-based encompassing all relevant wealth building types: Liquid Assets, Investments Securities, Insurance Products, Bonds, Real Estate, Retirement Assets and Trust Assets.
This is an advanced level programme. Participants in this programme must have successfully completed the 3 month Certificate in Financial Planning course also offered jointly by UNILAG Consult and Institute of Financial Planning – either classroom format or the self-study/online model. visit to enroll.
Benefits to You
·         Strengthen your technical skills in wealth management
·         Serve or work in a specialized market niche
·         Attract clients with sophisticated or special needs
·         Enhance your professional credibility and recognition
·         Become more competitive and value-adding
·         Keep pace with rapid changes in this specialist area
·         Distinguish yourself through an in-depth knowledge
·         Apply the course work immediately and directly to your clients
Certified Wealth Advisor (CWA®) Designation
Candidates, who successfully complete the programme, pass the final examinations and sign a professional code of ethics will be awarded a certificate by UNILAG Consult and Institute of Financial Planning and authorized to have the designation (CWMA®) on their correspondence and business cards.
§     Wealth Owners – Who they are, categories, where to find them, their needs, and peculiarities.
§     The Prudent Man’s Rule
§     Game Theory as applied to Wealth Creation and Management
§     Investment Policies
§     Asset Allocation
§     Advanced Analysis and Monitoring of Risk
§     Advanced Portfolio Theory and Practice
§     Investment Strategies and Priorities
§     Insurance Options
§     Real Estate Investments
§     Retirement Assets – Investing for Retirement
§     Exotic Investments
§     Wealth Performance Appraisal
§     Estate Planning Issues
§     Tax Minimization
§     Fiduciary Issues
§     Code of Ethics and Regulatory Issues
Time to Complete
The Advanced Specialist Certificate as a Certified Wealth Advisor (CWA)® will be earned after an intensive 6-week period of intensive study and successful completion of examinations.
Textbooks and Other Study Materials
Textbooks and materials will be provided to participants on full payment of the applicable fees.
NOTE: The use of the HP 12C Calculator is compulsory
Emphasis will be laid on use of case studies, while enhancing learning through lectures, plenary and group discussions, structured questioning, problem solving exercises and content processing.
Course Fee
N250, 000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) per participant. It should be made payable in bank draft or certified cheque in favour of Institute of Financial Planning Ltd.
How to Enroll
Please visit our website ( for your registration.
How to Pay
Please visit our website ( and pay online.
Note: Satisfactory payment plans are acceptable
Requirement for Enrollment
Successful completion of the foundation Certificate in Financial Planning Programme.
Location and Schedule
Classes will be held on Saturdays only from 9.30am to 4.00pm within the premises of UNILAG Consult, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba.

o   Prof Wilfred Iyiegbuniwe
o   Jumoke Ogundare
o   Obi Okoye

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COMMENCEMENT date: MARCH 02, 2013.

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