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Financial Planning professionals use the knowledge of investment, tax matters, wealth and risk management, pension and estate planning to help individuals solve financial problems and achieve life goals.

They assist their clients with investment, retirement and estate planning advisory, funding for family, health and education as well as general wealth creation options.

Financial planners may work as independent consultants or are employed by banks and other financial service firms.

Demand for financial planners will grow as more people transform to entrepreneurs, get downsized or retired due to reforms, mergers, acquisitions and re-engineering processes. Ordinary people seek advice of financial planning professionals to make informed financial decisions as they now have to plan their own retirement, pensions and investments.

Programme Objectives

To enable participants acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to evaluate the wide range of financial products, services and options available to clients in universal banking, money market, capital market, insurance, estate planning and retirement planning.

  • To use the knowledge to offer relevant advice to clients in planning their personal finances and retirement
  • To better sell and market financial services to prospective clients.

Who should Participate

All practitioners in the finance industry such as pension fund custodians and PFAs, banks, insurance companies, stockbroking firms, trustee companies, discount houses, financial consulting firms as well as lawyers auditors, accountants, actuaries, corporate executives and anyone who wants to control their own destinies while enabling others to achieve their financial objectives.

Course Benefits

  • Understand the personal financial planning process
  • Learn to read and extract information for data gathering purposes from clients financial documents
  • Learn how to construct personal financial statements
  • Learn how to review and analyze information to identify basic strengths and weaknesses in a client’s financial situation
  • Evaluate clients’ needs and provide appropriate and responsive customer service
  • Enhance your verbal and written communication skills
  • Enhance your level of professionalism in financial planning
  • Ability to use at least one type of financial planning software
  • Become a Registered Financial Planner®

Requirement for enrollment

Financial services personnel who have at least a first degree or other equivalent professional qualification such as CIBN, ACCA etc with some years’ work experience. You may also be considered if you have HND with several years of experience in your job function.

Course Content

  • Income Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Saving & Investment Planning
  • Tax Management Planning
  • Spending & Cash flow Planning
  • Nigerian Financial Environment

Time to Complete

The Certificate will be earned within a 3-month period of dedicated attendance to study and successful participation at the examinations.

Textbooks and Other Study Materials

Textbooks recommended for the Programme will be made available to participants on full payment of the course fee.

NOTE: The use of the HP 12C Calculator is compulsory


Formal lectures, case studies, group discussion and problem solving exercises and internship

Course Fee

N155,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Five Thousand Naira only) per participant, made payable in bank draft or certified cheque in favour of Institute of Financial Planning Ltd.

How to Enroll

Forms are available at the Institute of Financial Planning-10a, Anifowoshe Street, Off Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island and UNILAG Consult – Commercial Avenue/Ransome Kuti Road Junction, Opp. International School, University of Lagosfor a non-refundable fee of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) only.

How to Pay

Online payment

Note: Satisfactory payment plans are acceptable

Location and Schedule

Classes will be held on Saturdays only from 9.00am to 5.00pm within the premises of UNILAG Consult, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba.

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COMMENCEMENT date: MARCH 02 , 2013

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