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“It has given our Area Office Management Team some additional tools to help us think together more effectively about the issues that we are faced with.” - Oliver Green, Topeka Area Office

“EAL training provides a “big picture approach” to problem solving by incorporating the thinking tools necessary to make organizational change that is intentional and not reactionary....By taking your natural work team to this training, your team’s dynamics are enhanced as everyone learns to “think things through together. The training also incorporates the need for individual responsibility in managing cultural change.” - Barb Grinter, Olathe Area Office

“The ideas presented changed my perception of leadership --- leadership is more than a role, figure head, etc. Being a leader is about taking personal responsibility.” - Mike Worthington, Division of Information Resources


“I found the course quite timely and beneficial. Indeed, I have already decided on certain specific courses of immediate action and will need to talk to you about them soon. The Financial Planning Workshop is second to none when it comes to grooming individuals for financial independence. It gives one a defined focus on the present and future financial planning and guides one for a better life.” - Adeleye A. O. (Mrs.) - (DVE-HRS) – SPDC

“This is one workshop you can never regret attending. If any, regret will; perhaps, be “Why didn’t I attend this workshop earlier in my life?” “As an employer, your employees will be eternally grateful to you for the unique opportunity to learn to master this all important area of everyone’s life”. - Theo O. Ayeni - Director (Admin & Personnel), Dunlop Nigeria Plc


The lecturers were well seasoned professionals. Other organizations should emulate SPDC; by creating room for post separation awareness seminar for their retirees. - A. S. Udo (Mrs.)

All of us here enjoyed every bit of the programme and I pray God to empower the IFP to continue in this good work. - Okonkwo Patricia (Mrs.)

The workshop actually helps me get new ideas concerning business planning. I thank Shell management for this wonderful workshop, which they organized for us. - Okoh, A. O.

Its been a wonderful experience and an eye opener and as an optimistic I will soon be one of IFP’s favourite and successful alumnus! However, I think this workshop came a little bit late, because I would have achieved more if I had this information while in the system. Please spread the gospel to those that are still working and the society will be better for it. - A. U. Anyanwu

I am very impressed with the cadre of human resources provided by IFP. Their skills and competencies, experiences and ability to convey their message has been very wonderful. - Phil Anyanwu

The Facilitators made the participants to feel very free as if nothing has happen. - Michael Adhekoyibo

SPDC should try and run these sessions for those still in service; preferably at the middle of their careers in the company. - Arthur I. Asanobi

The facilitators delivered frankly and gave very useful advice. This workshop should be given much earlier in employment. - A. O. Edeki

The Facilitators are well grounded in what they are asked to do. The idea of sharing of experiences of persons who are retirees was a very good one. - R. O.Mesio

The seminar was exciting and I feel if they could come once in a while to refresh our memory. - Aladi Abah (Mrs.)

I was really looking for such facilitators. It is a really motivating workshop. I need it to be repeated I due time. - Akibe, Josephine (Mrs.)

The workshop was a blessing, a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be tapped. - Akibe, I O

The professionals who did their presentations were very good and trained. It was a good thing the company was selected. - Ogunseri, R A

The workshop is very interesting and helpful for the remaining part of my life and my wife’s. - Osiobe, G O

Infact all the trainers were helpful to me, so I really enjoy the training. The trainers are encouraging, loving and accommodating. - Ogazi, Gertrude (Mrs.)

I appreciate Shell and all those who made it possible for us to gain this experience. - Bosah, T. O (Mr. & Mrs.)

Every retiree must be made to attend the programme. The Programme should preceed other separation formalities to ensure attendance. - Irianan. B. O.

The training was very educative and very good. I will make good use of all the information I got from the training. - Ekpere, J. A.

I give thanks to Shell for this opportunity rendered to all retirees. - Orhorhoro,G.

We will like Shell to continue this training because the training is very good and also to extend the training to those still working. - Mr. & Mrs Obi, Patrick & Christiana

The course is generally impressive and educative but I think the time is too short. - Imonikugbere, E.

SPDC should allow those who are still working to under-go this training to widen their knowledge. The course has widen my knowledge and will enable me to look at life very deeply. - Dawhare, R. E.

The Facilitators are well experienced. The programme was backed by good testimonies and excellent materials. Very grateful to SPDC for the package, it was well thought of. - Arharhire, Dickson

On the issue of will, the lawyers should encourage by exposing changes.  It was a very useful and rewarding 3 days and I am thankful for letting me be a part of it. - Ochelli C. K.

The workshop is worth it. It is fulfilling. The company (Shell) has done well to organize it. The personal testimony of the retired Agip Man motivated me a lot. The programme should have been made compulsory for all retirees. - Adigo F (Mrs.) & Adigo C. D.

Such seminars should be organized while people were still in service to enable them plan well for their future. - Elemuo B. N. (Mrs.)

It would have been a big regret if I had missed the workshop. I will invest today and continuously reach out to IFP for guidance on the path to greater heights (the best part of my life is the life ahead). - Ogubere Wilson

It has helped my moral or thinking of what I do with my self and my resources. I have assurance now that I will make best use of my time, money and health. - Odanye, S. T.

I thank the organisation (Shell). I really learnt a lot, it will help me a lot in my business. - Okpareke B. Mrs.

Excellent performance, please keep it up. The workshop turned out an eye opener for us, very educative and highly appreciated. - Njoku, Henry

The program is an eye opener to personal financial management. I recommend this for new intakes to Nigerian Navy during their orientation exercise. - Adedeji Sunmola (Naval Base, Apapa)

The workshop should have come earlier than now. I would have been better in my financial management if this had come earlier.  I recommend it this to our management for all staff of the Nigerian Navy. - Lt. Stanley Umeh

The program is just good.  I recommend it to all personnel of the Nigerian Navy to enable everyone have the knowledge of saving and investment. - W.O. Chap Oko Solomon (Navy Town, Ojo, Lagos)

This workshop should be taken to new recruits of the Navy in all our training schools. - Igba Terver Francis (W.O)

I wish I had attended this workshop twenty years ago.  I would have saved a lot of money and would have become a millionaire. - Chigozie Christopher Nweze (Nava Town, Ojo, Lagos)

This workshop should be made compulsory to all staff in the various departments of the Nigerian Navy. - Haastrup Gbadebo Hakeem – (Sailor (N.O.W)

I have been challenged to spend wisely, while working and allowing my money work for me. - Adara Godwin Garba (Navy Town, Lagos)

I have been well enlightened on wealth creation strategies.  I would focus more on creating assets and not liabilities. - SLT OT IIesami (Navy Town, Lagos)


“The training is a plus on the part of Cadbury Nigeria Plc.  It is wonderful on their part to have rewarded teachers greatly.  I have now come out a changed person through the efforts of Cadbury Plc”. -
Mr. Omodayo Janet Bamidele
Millennium Sec. School
Egbeda- Lagos

“The Bournvita teachers award in collaboration with IFP has done a remarkable work in improving the status of teachers and enriching them with everlasting knowledge that will help them to become excellent teachers of the nation”.
Mrs. Udoidung Maria Johnson
Kiniun-ifa Primary School
Gbagada – Lagos.

“A very lively and interesting course indeed that changes the life of those involved and change teaching in Nigeria”
Mr. Ola Kolawole
Oluyole Extention High School
Ibadan. Oyo State

“I thank Cadbury for providing this opportunity to teachers. We hope you keep this gesture up to reach out to more teachers”
Mrs. Aguocha .M. Ifeyinwa
Eziobu Primary School, Aba.

“I wish this course is extended to several teachers out there”
Mr. Edmund .O. Osuagwu.
Capital Primary School
Yola. Adamawa State.


“It is an eyeopener and a lead towards financial freedom.  A course that treats everything about personal finances with an objective to securing ones future.  It is a win-win situation for whoever attends it.  A wake-up call from financial mismanagement. - Falohun Remi (Skye Bank Plc)

“It has been an eye opener on how to manage personal finance which is a necessary tool for attaining financial independence” - Bukola Igbayiloye (IGI)


The presentation is highly commendable.  It gives technical teachers far reaching insights on how to approach their student so as to achieve effective learning outcome.
Jimmy J. Joel (Principal – G.S.S.S., Kaltungo) Gombe State

The workshop was very informative and positive.  Certainly new ideas about individuality of both students and teachers have been learnt, in terms of colours.
Isah Aliyu Madugu (Teacher – Govt. T. College, Minna) Niger State

Policy makers should also be taught these things so that they can make policies that will provide right atmosphere to apply these things.
Abimbola O.S. (Teacher – Govt. Technical College, Ado-Soba) Festac Town, Lagos State

The workshop should be carried out regularly or quarterly to intimate teachers on development in technical/vocational skills.
Kalu Nkumgwu Dike (Teacher – S.EMB, Ohafia Zonal Office) Abia State

This is a very good workshop.  It gives more light on how to impact knowledge to students, and more so how to know ourselves and students better, on how we and they are.
Ololade O (Teacher – G.T.C, Agidingbi) Lagos

The presentation made me so excited as if I have just entered school for the first time.  I really have a lot to improve upon.
Yusufu D. Lakama (Teacher – G.S.S.S, Bilhiri – Gombe State)

Seminars like this help to boost the morale of teachers and bring in new teaching techniques and varieties to the students.
Mrs Anne Olumese T. Audu (Teacher - G.D.S.S.S, Nukkai – Jalingo) Taraba State

It is quite interesting and workshops like this should be arranged from time-to-time.
Wutashina Wakana (Teacher – G.S.S, Waka-Bui – Borno State)

The government should make this important seminar more often both at urban and rural area’s to favour as many as possible.
Agboun I. Loveday (Teacher – B.D.G.S., Yenagoa) Bayelsa State

The period was too short for this kind of workshop especially as it regards Modern Teaching Strategies & Styles.
Kenigua, Ibomo Robert (Teacher – S.J.G.S.S, Amarata) Bayelsa State

I am seriously privileged to be part of this workshop; I will improve on my teaching by the knowledge of different personality traits.
Mayaki C. A (Mrs) (Teacher – G.S.S.S, Lokoja) Kogi State

The workshop was worth the time.  I suggest that such seminars should be organized for a large size of the teaching personnel and more periodically.
Emegha Eburu Chibuisi (Teacher – T.S.S., Oso-Edda) Ebonyi State

The workshop should be a continuous exercise.  It is the best exercise that has happened to Education system.
Ogunkah Sunny Madu (Principal – St. Catharines, Nkwerre) Imo State

This lecture should include other teachers who had not the opportunity to attend this lecture.  We should try to spread this good gospel to our colleagues at home.
Ogbonna Mel Isidone (Teacher – S.S for the Deaf, Orodo) Imo State


The workshop is very, very important to individuals who want to secure their future. Start today for a better tomorrow. I lack the habit of saving but coming to this workshop I have to start saving today for the future. The facilitators are wonderful. The whole package is loaded. I have really gained a lot.
Ufomadu Maureen  - 08034528366

The importance of the workshop cannot be over emphasised. For me it is an eye opener and a wakeup call. The self evaluation parts have helped me to see what my net worth really is. The general performance of the facilitators has been remarkable. I love their positive attitudes it gives me the courage to believe that I can change. I would recommend this training for everyone I know and in my organization.
Eunice E. Anyebe Peter. – 07038563943

It is very educative and beneficial. The workshop was refreshing. That there is life after banking. The facilitators really know how to impact knowledge. They have really influenced my life by making me to know that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a step.
Igiri-igbe angela maria – 07030589505

This is one of the best courses I have attended in the recent time. I am most satisfied with the entire training.
Gbugu Camillus Ike – 08067281655

Great, this workshop has changed my life. I wish to thank the management of First Bank of Nigeria Plc for affording me this wonderful opportunity.
Nsobundu L. Nkechinyere – 0706751191

It is revealing and highly empowering. I now realize that it is never too late to start planning for my retirement. The facilitators are well-informed of the topics and they handle issues with dexterity.
Bamgbopa Samuel Akinola 08022943778

This training is very educative and very timely. The facilitators are very friendly. They have really passed knowledge unto us. Their style is very good and all the information’s given are very motivate us in planning and preparing for the future.
Ereme Taye - 07029912548

This workshop is the very best thing to have happened to me at this time of my life. They are simply fantastic carrying everyone along with happiness.
Chukwudi Emmanuel Azuka – 08034682279

It is a “most-attend” for anyone hoping to make a solid headway in life. The insight, analysis and practical narratives of the facilitators they are well dressed, good orators and above all, they know their onions.
Bukola Akinkunmi – 08034884390

The workshop was a huge success but the duration is short. The facilitators are very knowledgeable about the subject matter they present. This training should be recommending for all and not just for those that about to retire.
Christopher Aburack tanko – 08038708140

The workshop has achieved its objectives and has impacted the skills of Entrepreneurship to me. Recommended for all staff of the Bank to attend the training.
Umar Danare – 08035963325

The training programme needs to have been extended to us side by side with the initial training of Bank products and services. The training is very short and needs to be extended to a weekly in view of the stuff of the programme.
Mukhtari Ali Tofa – 08069648882

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